by S.A. Weber

Waking up and feeling refreshed. Lying in bed and thinking of all you want to do today. You feel normal, like the world is in your hands. Then, suddenly, you remember your legs don’t work. You can’t stand up and walk to the shower, go to the bathroom, quickly dress and head out for the day. You lie there, thinking: as long as you stay in bed, you remain normal. Do you actually want to get up?

I quickly remember that this is simply a minor dilemma, and I can do this. So begins my morning routine. Sliding to the edge of the bed I grab my pants from where I placed them the night before. I put them on the floor. I slide one leg on using a tool that allows me to reach the pants. As I begin to slide the other leg on, I accidentally slip off the bed and onto the floor. Now what? 

I struggle to stand, but soon realize I’m unable to do so without help. I don’t want to call for help, as I’m quite comfortable on the floor. I know that, in a few hours, a friend will be stopping by to take me to work. So what’s the rush?

I should simply enjoy being on the floor. How often do you actually get to view the room from this angle? So I slide up against the wall, make myself comfortable, and decide this is a perfect time to call my daughter. She lives on the east coast so she would likely be up and available.

I call and tell her of my predicament. We laugh and talk for hours until help arrives. Finally I get up and dress. 

What a lovely morning. Wish more were like it!

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