The WGI and Wounded Warrior Project have had many writing workshops for veterans, wounded warriors and family and medical caregivers.

These workshops offer veterans and caregivers the opportunity to explore self-expression and creativity through writing. Over the course of two weekends set approximately six months apart, participants explore storytelling in all its forms with professional writing mentors. Vets and Caregivers attend separate workshops. These workshops have been held in New York, San Antonio, Denver, Seattle and Landsthul, Germany.  

If you want to know what it’s like to participate:

A TV writer and author for children reflects on the people she’s met here. 

A playwright and soldier who has served as a mentor shares his experience here.

You can find some of the pieces from the Workshops here.



“It changed my life.. from a dream to a reality.” – Arnold, Participant

“This workshop helped me realize my tribe. It helped me to look at my life and realize that I am a writer. It showed me how meaningful writing is in my life… It changed the way I view myself and made me realize that I can explore so many aspects of my life through writing. It made me want to write more and take it more seriously. One of the challenges was just getting to the task of writing. Through this workshop I don’t find it to be a task but something necessary for me to process and sort my thoughts. I appreciate the details and feel that I have the pieces to writing that were missing for me. I am very, very grateful for this experience. I have loved writing since I was a kid and being around people who are writers and encourage us means everything to me. Thank you so much. “- Jennet, Participant

“I feel more confident in my writing and willing to challenge myself.” – Donna, Participant

“I can’t say enough about what the Writers Workshop did in giving me a voice and an outlet. As a veteran and mother of a combat veteran I carry a lot of memories and thoughts around our experiences. It often feels like outsiders want you to suppress what you and your family know in the aftermath of war. These workshops provide the structure and sometimes the first steps in using writing as a tool for expression. Attending definitely was a life-changer for me.” – Sharon, Participant

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