The WGI, in partnership with United We Dream, the largest youth-led immigrant community in the U.S, holds writing workshops for immigrant youth. UWD participants are all immigrant youth, documented and undocumented. 
WGI and UWD had their first series of workshops in 2018-2019. The program proved to be so beneficial, we are continuing our partnership and are engaged in a current series of workshops.

For our workshops, UWD participants come to New York from all over the country and work in small groups with professional writing mentors.  In conjunction with our workshops, UWD has started a Writers Room Program, where participants continue to hone their writing and storytelling skills and work towards a written piece that will be shared publicly.   



“We have a voice. We are not alone.” Fabio 

“Amazing! Brought me to tears at times because of the different experience I was put in. I had thoughts and memories I didn’t really think about and write about. This sparked an appreciation of writing and how I can use it…” Luz 

“(This workshop was) so impactful in a safe way. I was able to discuss ideas I was afraid or ashamed of…To my mentors, thank you for your feedback. Thank you for listening and allowing me to find just the beginning. I am forever changed by this weekend.” – Diana   

“…this workshop gave me the opportunity to explore liberation through writing. I found a new sense of freedom, and wrote about personal, social and daily experiences…I learned about liberation and the power that writing has. I shared my experience with my cohort and it brought me comfort.”  Brenda 



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