WGI partnered with No Vet Alone, an organization dedicated to reducing suicide among veterans, in October 2019 for a writing workshop in Bend, Oregon for veterans and first responders. Each day consisted of mountain biking in the morning, followed by writing workshops in the afternoons and group discussions on trauma and mental relaxation. This combination of writing with physical activity was a new model for us, and it proved highly effective. 
This event was organized by Javier Romo, a  former Marine and participant in our workshop with Wounded Warrior Project. His work was presented at the Kennedy Center’s Writing Truth and was read at our 2016 Gala.



“…it was perfect to combine a physical activity with a mental activity for the vets along with restorative yoga/massage and sauna time….” David Tucker, mentor 

“…you’ve made men who were taught to not be vulnerable.. vulnerable..” John Wordin, President and Founder, No Vet Alone 


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