The Helen Deutsch Writing Workshops are the signature program of the Writers Guild Initiative.  Since 2008, these workshops have offered the opportunity to explore storytelling in all its forms with guidance and support from professional novelists, playwrights, screenwriters, and television writers, with a range of populations not often seen and heard in the public discourse.

These workshops are an incredibly valuable tool for those who participate, giving them space for honest and cathartic expression and an exciting collaborative journey between the participants and mentors.

Helen Deutsch Writing Workshops Partner Organizations

  • Blue Star Families – Our program with Blue Star Families brings writing workshops to young people aged 12-18 in active-duty military families.
  • Body Politic – Our partnership with Body Politic brings the tools of creative writing to Covid-19 Long Haulers.
  • New York Professional Nurses Union – Our partnership with the NYPNU brings writing workshops to nurses on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • LGBTQ Task Force – Our partnership with the Task Force brings the tools of storytelling to LGBTQI asylum seekers in Worcester, MA.
  • Wounded Warrior Project – Our programs with WWP work with Veterans and their caregivers.
  • United We DreamWith United We Dream, we bring writers together with immigrant youth.
  • No Vet Alone – Our work with No Vet Alone brings  our micro-workshop model to Veterans in combination with physical activities such as mountain biking.  
  • Profile Theater – Our work with Profile Theater brings the tools of storytelling to various populations in Portland, Oregon with their Community Profile program. 
  • Witness to Innocence – Our work with Witness to Innocence  helps  exonerated Death Row survivors to tell their stories.
  • The Moth – We expanded our work with the Veteran community in partnership with storytelling organization The Moth. 
  • Pendleton Correctional Facility – We have worked with Pendleton Correctional Facility to bring the tools of writing to those currently incarcerated.
  • Muslim Writers Collective – We worked with young Muslim-American writers to amplify their voices. 
  • Manhattan Vet CenterOur work with MVC focused on the local NYC Veteran community.   
  • Hurricane Sandy – Our Hurricane Sandy project worked with those whose lives were upended by this natural disaster.

If you are an organization interested in partnering with us, you can reach us via email here.



“We have a voice. We are not alone.” Fabio

It takes special people to make a room full of strangers feel like a room full of family, and that is exactly what you did. I learned so much from you in the two days we were together.” Edward, Participant 

“The opportunity you provided to us was invaluable as its worth more than any amount of money. You provided us the opportunity to feel as human equals even if only for a brief time. Now through each one of you that can continue, but for the experience we shared we created memories. As we all know memories are not bound by the hands of time. Now, we live on through you as well as you through us. Each of you have the ability to literally have a direct impact to the truth being exposed outside these prison walls……I have changed my life and now I want to help others to change. I am still discovering daily new gifts and thanks to you I am even fulfilling dreams. – Dean, Participant 

“(This workshop was) so impactful in a safe way. I was able to discuss ideas I was afraid or ashamed of…To my mentors, thank you for your feedback. Thank you for listening and allowing me to find just the beginning. I am forever changed by this weekend.” – Diana

“I would like to thank all of the volunteers for their time and for coming to an environment where most forms of expression are normally muted. The weekend you shared your talent created a renewed passion in all of us.” Wm. Dion    

“…this workshop gave me the opportunity to explore liberation through writing. I found a new sense of freedom, and wrote about personal, social and daily experiences…I learned about liberation and the power that writing has. I shared my experience with my cohort and it brought me comfort.”  Brenda 

“It’s rare that people take time out of their lives to share their knowledge simply for the act of sharing, let alone to do so in this environment.” William




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