Starting today, we are doing a series of pieces written by participants and submitted for Galas. Please enjoy.

To Do a Jig

by Damon Faust

Everyone should attempt a jig at some point in their lives. So, after tonight’s show if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, go ahead and do a jig.  

The first Jig of any importance in my life came in the late 90’s at 17 maybe 18 and a bottle of Southern Comfort down waiting to see the band G-Love and Special Sauce at the El Dorado in Carmichael California, a Suburban appendage of Sacramento. It was brought to my attention that my ex and her new guy which happened to be a fella who was once my best friend would be at the same show. Fear turns to anger and before you know it, I’m letting anyone in earshot know my plans for the happy couple…  

In earshot happens to be the bouncer who informed me I would not be curb stomping anyone in or near his club and I needed to go ahead and fuck off. 

Not satisfied with the idea of fucking off, I insisted he call the law cause I would not be leaving; he then calmly let me know they were right over there next door …yep a doughnut shop with 2-3 cop cars parked on the side of the building.  

Well it was clearly time to get jiggy. Location of the jig is critical. Location, location, location. Not to mention I had an audience as folks were still making their way into the show. 

With that I decided my best play was to do a Jig on top of a cop car to include a river dance on the hood — and with a shimmy up to the roof, I ended my jig with a resounding kick, taking the siren right off (it came off a whole lot easier than anticipated), and then I freed my bladder from my perch on the roof onto the cruisers window. 

Not everyone enjoys a jig. A fact reinforced when my face met the concrete and I was introduced to the officer’s batons, boots, arm bars and disparaging comments about my intellect.  

May your Jig be as successful as mine! And please avoid the law, they do not have a sense a humor when it comes to jigs, or public nudity. 

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