WGI, in partnership with Muslim Writers Collective, a grassroots initiative dedicated to promoting storytelling in the Muslim American community, held writing workshops for young Muslim writers.
Participants came to New York to work in small groups with professional writing mentors. 



“I feel validated and more confident.” – Youssef, Participant

“This experience was very cathartic. Learned a lot about my writing and what I am capable of. Now I feel much better about actually producing writing. I feel renewed towards writing now.I feel good and am more confident with my writing. – Abdul, Participant 

““ My experience has been one of the best in terms of furthering my career as a writer. It was a workshop of finding my voice and valuing my writing. I feel like I own it (my writing) It made me more confident and I take on a new identity as a writer. The challenge of imposter syndrome has been removed because I have been validated.” – Monna, Participant 

“It was really validating to have actual writers tell you you can do it. It exceeded my expectations. My self-doubt has lessened. Since the first workshop I have applied to comedy writing jobs and applied to McSweeneys.” Nadia, Participant



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