Stephanie Grant recently participated in our workshop with the NYPNU. She shared with us her experience. 

Tell us a little about you. We know you are a nurse in NYC. Where are you from originally?    

I am originally from Florida, but I relocated here from Atlanta 8 years ago after traveling the country for 13 years as a travel nurse.  

What is your earliest memory of writing?  

I began writing poetry in junior high school. 

What do you think makes a good story and what kinds of stories are you drawn to?  

I think anything that the author is passionate about can make a great story. Typically, I’m drawn to inspirational writings of no specific genre.  

Have you been able to continue your writing throughout your nursing career – what does a typical day in your life look like – and how do you make time for writing?   

Sadly, I have not had much time to continue writing. A typical workday for me is waking at 5-6am to prepare for my 12-hour shift and returning home approximately 9pm. On a typical day off I’m either volunteering for Westchester VAS crisis line, with New York Cares at a food bank, or teaching yoga (virtually). Pre-pandemic I enjoyed exploring the globe. 

What lead you to sign up for the WGI Writing workshop with NYPNU?  

My therapist suggested that I write a biography.  

Did that workshop change or impact your writing process in any way?  

Absolutely! The workshop provided valuable insight, techniques, and styles that would improve my writing. 

What inspires you?  

Becoming the best version of myself. 

What is a favorite quote or piece of advice you want to share?  

“If you have a strong enough what, the how will come”

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