The Full Performance (Individual stories can be found below)

Michael Weller Greeting

Event Chair Frank Pugliese

Ryan Kelly and Intro to Ayisha Irfan, Muslim Writer's Collective

Ayisha Irfan, Muslim Writer's Collective

Ryan Kelly Intros Tim Stapleton

Tim Stapleton

Richard Dresser Intros Performance

To Do A Jig by Damon Faust, read by Brandon J. Dirden

Army + Aid Work by Jacob Meeks, read by Parker Posey

Dressing by S.A. Weber, read by Ed Harris

The Day My Heart Grew by Linda Craig, Read by Amy Madigan

When the World Turned Upside Down by Sharon Robino-West, read by Crystal Dickinson

Flags and Ashes by Jessica Standifird, read by Parker Posey

The House on the Corner by Rob Paley, read by Brandon J. Dirden, Amy Madigan, Ed Harris and Parker Posey

Heartbreak by Mary Brandt Kerr, read by Amy Madigan and Brandon J. Dirden

Today by Ray Bowyer, Read by the Full Cast

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